Since 1965
Bird Song Recording Packages recommended by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology


About Stith Recording

Stith Recording is known for selling state-of-the-art bird song recording equipment and for providing personalized customer service. Unlike most companies we are not simply interested in selling equipment but also make it our priority to provide expert advice as to what equipment is best for a particular recording application. To help our customers see all of the equipment that typically goes into a recording system we offer Complete Recording Packages recommended by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology. The equipment has been field tested and proven to be extremely effective in producing superior bird and nature recordings.  Our customers can purchase a single item, a complete system, or can customize our packages to suit their needs.

By Professionals, For Professionals

Stith Recording was founded in 1965 by Marice Stith, a Professor Emeritis of Music at Cornell University who became a pioneer in the art of recording and editing live concerts. This pursuit of excellence led to the creation of the finest band recordings of that time and ignited his desire to equip and educate others to obtain professional recordings of their own. Through Marice’s affiliation with Cornell University he began to sell equipment to the Lab of Ornithology. A wonderful friendship developed and the Lab pointed out the need for professional recording equipment in the field of ornithology. It is through our association with them that we sell top quality recording equipment suited for bird and wildlife recording.

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