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Pro 8 Twin Science Parabolic Microphone

Product Highlights

• Pro 8 Parabola with Telinga Twin Science microphone
Price: $1,625.00

Key Features
• Includes large 22" clear parabolic dish for superior pickup (the larger the dish, the greater the amplification)
• Perfect choice when analyzing sonograms
• Includes super-cardioid (highly directional) mic that faces towards the dish AND an omni mic that faces out
• Includes parabolic 22" dish, pistol grip handle, cable, shockmount & windscreen
• Directional mic signal recorded on left channel; omni mic signal recorded on right channel
• Clear dish - great for catching birds in flight!
• Dish is collapsible to a diameter of 6"
• Tripod mountable
• Pro 8 Stereo MK2 mic may be purchased separately and used interchangeably
• Weighs approximately 2 lbs.
• Windcoat, transport bag, and tripod adapter sold separately


The Twin Science MK2 - our 2 capsule mono microphone: one omni pointing outwards of the dish, and a cardioid capsule facing the dish inwards. Since both microphone capsules are within the focal area of the parabolic dish and recorded to a separate left and right channel of a stereo track, the recordings are easily separated - for post production. For the MK2 version, the microphones has been matched further for greater performance and the windshield upgraded for a higher quality 45 PPF Cell Foam material.

Pair the Twin Science MK2 with the PRO-8 MK2 handle and a Telinga dish of choice and you have a ready to record parabolic microphone setup for many different applications.

Two factory set focus positions makes it easy to adjust each capsule for maximum performance:

1) Omni track: by positioning the Twin Science MK2 all the way in - towards the dish, until stop
2) Cardioid track: by positioning the Twin Science with the mic connector placed side to side with the included mounting kit.


Omni microphone track (Ch.1): very low noise aprx. 12 dB-A with great tolerance to handling and wind noise. A soft frequency response in the higer spectrum with a transparent and wide pickup for a "warm" sound.

Cardioid microphone track (Ch.2): greater frequency response with maximum attenuation of surrounding sounds, resulting in a very "focused" sound. Since the cardioid microphone faces towards the dish, it optimizes the reflected sound of the distant subject and suppresses the background, thereby improving the directivity by concentrating on the sound reflected by the dish.

Please note: the cardioid capsule is sensitive to handling and wind noise - therefore the windcoat for the dish is recommended.

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Twin Science Mic

Dish with Windcoat (windcoat sold separately)

Collapsed Dish (bag sold separately)

Tripod Adapter in use (sold separately)

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